Top Ten Things to do

Out here, we take pride in our western authenticity. From local steaks to local beer, we remain authentic to the last drop. Cowboys still ride their horses over the same land the Lewis & Clark explored on their historic journey west and the culture of the Plains Indians lives on.

Steep yourself in history at one of our national historical sites, like The Battle of Little Bighorn and Pompeys Pillar National Monuments. Hike some of the world's most unique and beautiful terrain, such as Makoshika State Park or the Terry Badlands. You might just have the trail all to yourself. This the land of giants, after all. Dinosaur roamed these great plains, and now you can uncover their stories while writing your own. Southeast Montana is the home of big sky, big hospitality and non-stop exploration.

Bring home stories that can only be written here.

In Southeast Montana, you can experience the untamed Yellowstone River Valley, as the river flows unchecked toward its rendezvous with the Missouri River. You can kayak in the gentle waves of Bighorn Canyon. You can watch the sunset paint the badlands with red and gold from your vantage point along the scenic drive to Makoshika State Park. Visit Montana's mountains, see Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, but don't forget that you will never get the full picture of Montana's natural wonders unless you experience the badlands, canyons, rivers and prairies of Southeast Montana.